Code of Business Conduct

At Liberty Latin America, we conduct our business with honesty and integrity, in accordance with high ethical and legal standards, and with respect for each other and those with whom we do business. Our Code of Conduct (the Code) sets out the basic rules, standards and behaviors necessary to achieve those objectives.

We expect our employees and directors to display responsible and ethical behavior, to follow consistently both the meaning and intent of this Code and to act with integrity in all of our business dealings. We expect managers and supervisors to take such action as is necessary and appropriate to ensure that our business processes and practices are in full compliance with the Code.

The Code applies to every director, officer and employee of each company within Liberty Latin America.1 Company contract staff must also follow the Code. In the Code, when we refer to Liberty Latin America, we are referring to each company it directly or indirectly controls, and when we refer to our Company, we mean each and every company, business unit or division within Liberty Latin America.

Code of Conduct – English - Code of Business Conduct
Code of Conduct – Español - Code of Business Conduct

1 With the approval of the Board of Directors of Liberty Latin America, the company has adopted its own code of business conduct, which is substantially similar to the Code and has been approved by that company's board of directors, may be excluded from the application of the Code. All directors, officers and employees of any company so excluded from the provisions of this Code are required to comply with all provisions of such excluded company's code of business conduct.